Rheumatoid arthritis can it links to masturbation…..

Ya you are right you are curious too slightly shocked little but it’s true since by masturbation you are emptying body’s essential fluid which is responsible for mobility of joints,absorbing shocks etc.when you continues this practice you also disturbed natural hormone levels which disturbs your immune system this many times your immune system ends up attacking it’s own body tissues thereby causing pain.most of powerful organisations can’t tell you this because billions of dollars of empires thrives on this and that’s why there is only prevention drug available not for cure despite being our science have reached mammoth stage…so to be short only way is to increase fluid in body and don’t be lazy to exercise your joints it’s maintains joints mobility and also do yoga related to breath because these symptoms arises from…

Student’s struggle┬á

  • Today i want to share with you some most important thing. Student’s in today life is struggling with himself as he lacks enough will power to fight psychological irritants as at first he is not smart at first and falls into forming bad habits by forming permanent neural connections that result in same response to same situation which is either  PORN ADDICTION ,lose concentration,mood swings,low self esteem ext.so share some views about yourself what psychological irritants are you going with. Than we will discuss to lay them down completely like I did in some simple steps from INDIAN YOGA AND PHILOSOPHY. And stop reading numerous SELF HELP BOOKS.i will  tell you  later about  this


BUDDHA’s in 21st century